If you have talked to me in person in the last two years there is a good chance you’ve heard about our trip to Yellowstone National Park. I went expecting to give my husband a trip he had been dreaming about for years..(  My husband is a great guy, who  would give anyone the shirt off his back and bends over backwards to make sure we know how much were loved, so I couldn’t wait to give him the chance to check  this trip off his bucket list…..  well enough of me being mushy.. back to the point..)  It took a year and a half to plan our trip out west. I’m a planner and I wanted to know everything I could before we made this trip. I found out the hard way the Old Faithful Inn books up fast.  They start accepting reservations May 1ST for the following year so if you plan on staying there you’re going to want to make reservations way in advance. Also if you choose the OLD Faithful Inn be aware there is no air conditioning, telephones or TVs in any of the rooms ( this goes for all park lodging… you won’t find a chain hotel there ).  We love staying in the old part of the inn where there are shared bathrooms.. ( fancy shower house style). There are updated rooms with private baths so don’t let the sharing of bathrooms scare you away.  Since you are short on modern entertainment, every evening in the multi story lobby surrounded by twisted wood beams, huge rocking chairs and tables just perfect for cards   you will be entertained by live music.  The nights we were visiting the inn , there was a violist , cello player  and piano player.  The soft sounds of the music echoed through the lobby while the fire crackled and the chatter of people enjoying a perfect evening surrounds you.   The inn has a hot chocolate stand as well as a cash bar right next to the balcony where you’re able to get a great view of Old Faithful in action.  I could talk about this amazing lodge and all of its great detail but there is so much more to tell you about the actual park. So if you want more details about the inn just comment below.

Yellowstone has so much more to offer then just unique lodging.. the park is 3,468 square miles of wonder. It has an abundance of hiking trails, geysers and wild life that  is sure to leave you in awe and longing to see more. Board walks are placed around the geysers for their protection and yours ( be sure to read all the warning signs ).    Board walks allow everyone to have the opportunity to get  up close to all the geyser action. Its unique landscape offers mountains, waterfalls and lakes.  Several types of guided tours  can be booked ( at a cost ) to explore these beautiful landscapes  and there are usually rangers at most of the pull offs to answer questions and talk with you about Yellowstone.

I’ll have to say this was  my favorite trip. We made memories that will last a lifetime and we can’t wait to go back next summer. I feel like when I left Yellowstone I left a piece of my heart behind.   Look for another post about our drive out to Yellowstone, how I keep Addi entertained, what a car full of picky eaters eat on such a long drive some of the amazing places we stopped along the way. Thanks again for taking the time to share in Addi’s Adventure.