I’m Back !



I’m back and excited to be preparing for our next trip. It’s been a few months since we have really hit the open road. On our upcoming trip, we’re not only seeing some new places but we’re revisiting some of our favorites. As much as l love the getting out there, the last few months I have been suffering with severe anxiety. The thought of being too far from home has freaked me out. As you read in my last post, we were in Vegas the night of the shooting and by God’s grace we were safely tucked into our hotel. I love exploring new places, meeting new people and stepping away from my comfort zone to try new things so the last few months have been a bit of a struggle, but I feel I ready to head out and hit it full force. Over sixteen days we will drive almost across country and back covering more than 5,000 miles between the US and Canada as well as visiting ten of our beloved national parks. I hope you’re able to follow along with us and that we inspire you to have some adventures of your own.

Lets Explore America

A couple of years ago we decided to see all 50 states before Addi graduated high school. Right now our total stands at 28! This past May we finished up the upper New England states… except for Delaware. Seeing that we’re not far from Delaware, we may make the 1st state our last state to see. One of our favorite things about traveling is exploring our National Parks! We love our National Parks!!! I consider myself a pretty thrifty vacationer and I’ve got good at making our money stretch, so we’re able to take more trips throughout the year. National Parks are not only beautiful but so economical and this is the year my daughter will get the 4th Grade pass (https://www.everykidinapark.gov/get-your-pass/) . The 4th grade pass will allow us into the National Parks for free. Our plan is to see 9 national parks between now and next summer so the savings will be significant. So if you have a child that will be a 4th grader this year be sure to check out the link above. My next post I’ll share some of the parks we have already visited , the places we have stayed and trails we have hiked.