This past May, we had the opportunity to explore the upper New England states with our main destination being Acadia National Park on Mount Desert Island right outside Bar Harbor Maine. Maine is a picturesque state with its craggy cliff sides meeting the deep blue ocean.  Although Acadia is full of hiking trials we couldn’t seem to stay away from Sand Beach.  The water was a whopping 41 degrees but that didn’t seem to matter to most beach goers.  People of all ages were jumping in … and running right back out. The only hang up with Sand Beach were  the dang birds. They were as aggressive as the Squirrels  in NYC, so picnicking on the beach made me feel like I was back home hiding in the closet, stuffing chocolate in my mouth as fast as I could so I wouldn’t have to share with the kid…  ( you moms know what i’m talking about ). After surviving what felt like a reenactment of Alfred Hitchcocks the Birds we headed up to Cadillac mountain to catch the sunset.  Cadillac Mountain is the highest point along the North Atlantic seaboard so it offers not only an amazing sunset but its the first place to catch the sunrise in the United States. So if you’re thinking about hitting the east coast I would consider taking the trip up to Maine. I’ll tell you more about Bar Harbor in an upcoming post, I will give you the details on the place we stayed, places we ate and things to see around that charming little town.