Sunday Drive to Virginia

A couple of weeks ago, a friend had tagged me in a post about the Devils Bathtub trail in Fort Blackmore Va. After a bit of research, I found that the trail was roughly about 3.5 hours from me so I just had to check it out. The drive there was beautiful. Kentucky is a little bit of heaven on earth. There is nothing like driving down US 23 looking at all the farms nestled in between the rolling hills. Upon arriving to the turn off, we noticed we would be going up and back over a mountain for the next 10 miles .. this we were later told was the scenic banjo route. If you have ever seen the movie Deliverance, then you totally get the picture. Once there, we were instructed to park about a half mile from the trail head due to the limited amount of parking. Once we reached the trail head it was right at 2 miles to reach the Devils Bathtub.  The hike was labeled strenuous, but we didn’t seem to have any issues being somewhat experienced hikers. The path was well marked and there was always someone around. I think I read there was a total of around 13 creeks that you cross making your way up the trail. At the end of the trail it opens into a big creek area with mini waterfalls, flowing streams and the tub that is about 8.5 feet deep. It was crowded but everyone was easy going, people were taking turns jumping in and there was plenty of room to find a space to relax after the hike. The water was a bit cold so Addi  really wasn’t too keen on staying to long after she jumped in. She was very proud of herself for taking the plunge! If you end up making your way to Fort Blackmore to the trail, be sure to find the back way in.

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