How Zion Stole My Heart


The last leg of our trip was scheduled for Zion… I’m gonna be really honest and say Zion has never been on the top of my list. It didn’t matter how many photos I saw, how many videos I watched, Zion was one place I had no desire to see… But as I drove on the winding road through the enormous rock formations that took us into a dark tunnel that had been blasted out I was slowly getting intrigued. The tunnel had these ginormous cutouts that gave you just a little peep to what was about to come. As the tunnel ends it opens up onto a curvy road that takes you down the side of a mountain and the view is impeccable. Pull offs are plentiful and everywhere you turn is the perfect spot for a photo.  We drove through the park and couldn’t help but notice how the landscape changes almost around every corner. My husband had chosen for us to hike Observation Point months before the trip. We parked right outside the park and used the parks free bus system to get to the trail. Observation point is a 4-mile strait up switchback and was easily one of the most challenging trails I’ve ever hiked… but was totally worth it and only furthered my love for this amazing park. This trail gave us the opportunity to really get deep in the canyon, play in some creek beds and see the park from the top. After hiking the full 8 miles (up and down) we were beat for the day and retreated back to our lodging. The next day in the park we relaxed, made a few side stops and took some time to view the wildlife.  Zion is a must see and I am so thankful I got to experience it for myself. Utah is truly full of surprises.

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