Grand Canyon Trip Pt. 1


I think I may have started this post twenty times and every time I would start to type I would be at a loss for words. I’ll start by saying due to the craziness of everyday life I didn’t get a few posts done that I wanted to get written before we left done and for the fact this is pleasure I didn’t want to force out just a post.  Several months ago, we booked another trip out west, this time we wanted to see the south west. This trip would include Addi’s first plane ride, seeing the bright lights on the Vegas strip, looking to the bottom of the Grand Canyon, taking a tour of upper Antelope Canyon, peeking over the edge at Horse Shoe Bend, hiking through the Hoodoos at Bryce Canyon and climbing the eight-mile round trip switch back trail to the Over Look at Zion National Park.  I’ll break this post up into a few parts since we could cover so much ground during this trip.

Part One:

We flew out of Cincinnati on October 1st to Vegas, little did we know we would be next to where the deadliest mass shooting in U.S. history would take place that very night and how I had prayed so hard that God would keep us safe on the plane but he not only did that he kept us in that night away from the chaos. Thirty minutes before our hotel shuttle picked us up to drop us on the strip, Addi asked to stay in and swim, so we got our swim clothes on and decided to rest up, hit the pool and check out down town the day before we flew out.

Since we stayed right off the strip we were not on lock down and were able to leave the city early the next morning on our way to the Grand Canyon. I know I have told you all before but we are not big on fast food, so naturally our first stop that morning was Walmart.  We like to stock up on water, fruits and healthier snacks to fill the gaps between meals so were not forced to settle for fast food. This not only is better for you but seriously saves a ton of money. We took our time getting to GCNP and made several stops along the way. One of my favorite stops was Flintstones Bed Rock City, its super cheesy but a must, we found it on youtube a few years back and swore we would stop if we ever drove by it. The Grand Canyon has never been at the top of my must-see spots but it was a big beautiful hole in the ground… pretty much what I expected. It was crowded but not to the point I ever felt over ran. The small trail along the south rim that takes you to Grand Canyon village was nice and accessible to everyone. It was paved and pretty much flat. The trail offered beautiful views of the Canyon on one side as well as some elk taking shade on the other side of the path. What I was most excited about was the tarantula that crossed right in front of us, I had no idea they were so common there. Seeing wildlife in its natural habitat is one of my favorite parts about exploring. Because of our late booking we had to stay a few miles down the road out of the park, I scored us a room at the Red Feather Lodge, it was cheap, clean and had been kept up well. We were pleased and would stay there again. Its located right across from the Big E steak house that I highly recommend. The food and service were both top notch.  Next post I’ll tell you about Antelope Canyon and how it’s a must see if your ever in Arizona. Thanks for taking the time to check out my post and as always if you have any questions please feel free to let me know.. Good night.

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