Do you over pack ?



If overpacking were considered a sport I would come in first place every single time. As much as my heart longs to travel, packing is always the part I hate the most. So here are a few simple tips to keep your suitcase under control.
1.Do your research.. Weather charts can be found on anyplace your visiting for the time of year you are visiting. Knowing what the weather holds can save you from having to guess what to pack.
2. Dress in Layers… Packing clothes that are easily layered ensures that you’re always ready for whatever the weather may hold. While visiting Sand Beach in Acadia one-day last Spring our morning had started out with a chill in the air by lunch we were down to shorts and t-shirts by that afternoon we were all in sweatshirts. The ease of having layered clothes helped us enjoy the day without having to run back to the hotel to change.
3. Make a List. It’s a rare occasion that there isn’t a Costco, Walmart or some sort of gift shop along the way or close to your destination. So, if you must, have something that you forgot more than likely you can find it. I’m thrifty and hate to buy stuff when I know I already have it, so making a list and checking it off as I pack our suitcases really helps. Having a list also gives me a visual of what is already in the closed case so I’m not having to pull everything out to recheck.
I feel like in the end, less is more. You’re always going to go back to what makes your feel your best and most comfortable at the time. When the trip is long over you won’t even remember what you packed, after all it’s about making memories with those you love the most.
Happy Traveling.

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