Addi Goes To Antelope Canyon

The last two months have been a complete whirl wind. After our trip from out west we immediately had to start preparing for all the festivities that come along with the Fall and Winter months. Besides Addi turning the big 10, we spent Thanksgiving in the Smokey Mountain National Park and as soon as we were home it was time for all the Christmas hoopla…

My last post left off with us leaving the Grand Canyon making our way around to Bryce Canyon… Between the Grand Canyon and Bryce Canyon we toured Horse Shoe Bend and Upper Antelope Canyon. Antelope Canyon is something that I have had on my bucket list for years. The tour isn’t free but it is well worth the money. We booked through Navajo Tours and were fortunate enough to have a Navajo tour guide for the adventure. Laverne, our tour guide spent her youth playing in the canyon. Because of her knowledge of the canyon we were able to walk away with some beautiful photos of the light bouncing off the canyon walls and some of the history of the canyon. When arriving at Navajo tours you pull up to a building no bigger than a garden shed, a couple of port a potties and trucks that have benches in the back. When divided into groups you are loaded into the back of your tour guides truck and from there your driven about 3 miles into the middle of the desert. If you’ve never been to the desert the temps are all over the place so it was a cold, bumpy and beautiful 3 miles. Laverne lead us through each section of the canyon and when we reached the end she was kind enough to take some time with Addi to show her how the canyons were formed with water and the sand around the canyon. She also gave Addi a bag of the sand to take home to show her class mates how it was formed… that ultimately earned us a little extra time with TSA when we went to fly home. As we said goodbye to Antelope Canyon and we made our way down to Horseshoe Bend. Horseshoe Bend is as terrifying as it is beautiful. The steep drop offs, rocky landscape and emerald green water make it truly unique. Horseshoe Bend was extremely busy so we snapped a few photos and went on our way. Later that afternoon we pulled into Bryce Canyon. With only a short amount time to spend in Bryce, we quickly found our way to the Hoodoos to hike through them. Hiking through the Hoodoos as the sun went down was picturesque. We spent our time hiking a small switch back trail that lead us to Queens Garden. The trail was easy with wide paths so it’s a perfect trail for even those with little to no hiking experience. I would l have loved to have spent more time in Bryce but there is always next time. We watched the sun go down and made it to our lodging for the night. Next post I’ll share the last leg of our trip and what park I was so pleasantly surprised with… Until next time… Thank you for following along.

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